Artist statement/ biography:

KV Duong is a London based abstract painter and action artist. His work is autobiographical in nature; he fuses his diverse life experiences to create works that reflect his emotional and intellectual thought processes using conventional brushes, household items and his body. He layers paint and mixed media on top of one another to mirror the stages of his life.

The themes of personal identity and human relationships are core to the artist’s work. He has lived in three distinctive continents (Asia, North America and Europe). He grew up with traditional Asian values while trying to integrate with the western culture and simultaneously learning to accept and comprehend his sexuality. The contrast in environmental and cultural experiences, the struggles with himself early on and the transient nature of this life thus far have all influenced his art and are reflective in his work: unsettling movement, intense, raw and intimate.

Duong has a bachelor's and master’s degrees in Structural Engineering, but his prolific thirst for creativity and self-expression have steered him towards a career in art. He is beginning to show in small galleries in London and artist curated spaces. In 2016 he was shortlisted for the Derwent drawing art prize. He is preparing for the upcoming Artrooms 2018.