Artist statement/ biography:

When I was eight years old growing up in Toronto Canada, my father would tell me to count the number of stair rails (balusters) in our home. This was to burn up the energy of a child living in a crammed household trapped indoors during the Canadian winter. When this task was exhausted twenty times over, I picked up a piece of paper and pencil, sat down cross-legged on the floor in front of a printer box and started to draw. In art I found a creative outlet for my abundance of energy. With time, I developed a special connection and joy in creating art.

I spent my early years in Saigon, young adult life in Toronto and now my thirties living in London, England. This diverse upbringing has exposed me to a myriad of life experiences that have made me an aware, responsive and curious individual. I struggled with my insecurities for many years; growing up in a conservative Asian immigrant household confined my ability to express myself freely. Art was one of the few outlets I had – my escape and therapy.

My art is an extension of who I am: honest, personable, introspective, curious and evolving. I use my life experiences to try and connect with people through my work. In this current abstract series of work, I challenge myself to paint on a much larger canvas size that I’m used to. I experiment with non-conventional tools and techniques. The process of trying out these different methods and expressions is equally as important as the final product – in a lot of instances the outcome is unplanned and unpredictable. Creating these works brings me back to my childhood desire to pour a large bucket of bright paint onto the sidewalk, and seeing how it grows and transforms, and then stamping all over the ground with my hands and feet to make patterns. This is the feeling of pure joy. Not knowing exactly where the paint will end up creates excitement as you watch it unfold in front of you.  

There are 115 rails in total.